Where the Continental Divide Meets the Sky

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Will our group really have the entire lodge and ranch to ourselves? How is that possible?

Yes; because we have made the conscious decision to operate in a manner that best enables us to share our beautiful surroundings and unique lifestyle with others while not interfering with the solitude and beauty of our ranch. Having a single group affords us the opportunity truly custom tailor your vacation to meet your desires. Would you like breakfast at 6:00 or 9:00? The choice is yours. If we had several groups at once, it would be impossible to offer this level of service. We share our ranch with abundant wildlife, limited livestock, and a few visitors; an equation that ensures all are well cared for and happy.


What is the ranch elevation? What about altitude sickness?

The lodge sits at about 8,700 feet with elevations ranging from 8,000 to over 10,000 feet on the ranch itself. Surrounding peaks sore to over 12,000 feet in elevation. Ranch guests usually feel the effects of our high altitude by experiencing a greater shortness of breath when exerting themselves. Generally, any ill effects can be avoided by limiting your exertion levels during the first few days and by staying well hydrated—with water, not alcohol.


How many guests can you accommodate?  What is the minimum length of stay? 

We limit our guest capacity to one group at a time with a maximum of 8 people.  Single guests, couples, and groups up to 8 people are invited to visit our ranch.  The shortest package we offer is a 3 night/2 day package but you can choose any length of stay you like beyond this minimum.


What time is check-in and check-out? Can we arrive earlier?
Check-in time for our summer and winter packages is 3:00 pm on your expected day of arrival. Once settled in, activities will begin that afternoon, if you so choose. Check-out time is by 10:00 on the morning of departure. Breakfast will be served that morning but no ranch activities are available. Due to our tight scheduling and the need to provide some time off for our employees, early arrivals and late departures are definitely not options.


How can you have such a huge private land base and take so few guests?

Because we have made the conscious decision to operate in a manner that allows us to share our beautiful surroundings and unique lifestyle with others while not interfering with the solitude and beauty of our ranch.  We share our ranch with abundant wildlife, limited livestock, and a few visitors; an equation that ensures all are well cared for and happy.


How are the packages structured?

Expected arrival is in the evening after 3:00pm.  You will be settled into your room and given a brief orientation.  Dinner will be served around 6:30.  After dinner a variety of options are available:  getting gear and plans ready for the next days’ events, fishing the nearby Buffalo Creek or Buffalo Lake, taking a casual evening hike, or relaxing at the lodge campfire as the sun sets.  Depending on the length of stay chosen, the subsequent days are spent on guided activities that you choose.  Departure is 10:00am after your last nights’ stay.


Can our group really have the entire lodge and ranch to ourselves?  What is the advantage?

Yes; our unique packages assure your group of family and friends the entire lodge, ranch, and staff to yourselves.  Having a single group affords us the opportunity to truly custom-tailor your vacation to meet your desires. Would you like breakfast at 6:00 or 9:00 or dinner at 8:00?  The choice is yours.  When we have several groups at once, it is not possible to offer this flexibility.


Are children welcome?

Certainly, we do not discourage or encourage either way.  It should be noted that we are more of a sportsman’s lodge than that of a traditional dude ranch.  This means there is not a specific children’s program or activities where the children will be cared for separately from the parents.  We have found that families with children have a wonderful visit if they desire a ranch experience that they all share together.  It should be noted that children must be 8 years old and able to pass our riding test in order to participate in horseback riding activities outside of the arena.  Younger children can be led around on a horse within the confines of our arena.  Double riding is not permitted.


What are the sleeping arrangements in the lodge bedrooms?

Each of the three floors contains two bedrooms with a shared full bath.  On the upper floor, one room has two twin beds and the other a queen.  The middle floor has one bedroom with a queen and another room with a unique bunk bed where the bottom is a full bed and the upper is a twin.  On the lower floor, one room has a queen bed and the other room has a full bed.


We are coming for the winter package and will prepare our own meals; do we need to bring anything, besides food, for our meal preparation?

No, you will find the kitchen is fully stocked with all the supplies you should require.


Are there hair dryers available?

Yes, each bathroom has a hair dryer.  Personal size soaps and shampoos are also provided.


Is there a washer and dryer available?

Yes, there is a washer and dryer on the main floor of the lodge.


Is alcohol provided?

No, but you are welcome to bring your own.  There is plenty of fridge space available and there is a bar area on the bottom floor.


Can you accommodate special dietary restrictions?

Yes, we will do our best.  Through our pre-trip planning with your group we will cover dietary restrictions and preferences.


Are between-meal snacks available?

Summer and hunting packages include all meals and there are always fresh baked goodies and leftovers available for snacking, but feel free to bring anything you like.  Winter packages do not include meals so you would want to bring all your food with you.


Is smoking allowed?

Only in the designated area outside of the lodge.


Does the lodge have a phone and internet connection?

The lodge does have a land-line phone where friends and family can reach you; the number is (970) 723-8656.  We also have limited Internet service available via satellite.  The service is definitely less that you would be accustomed to in a big city… it’s more suitable checking emails and light surfing but doesn’t have enough bandwidth for streaming movies or downloading large files.


Is there cell phone reception on the ranch?

It is “spotty” at best.  There are a few places on the ranch where you will get good reception, but most are a couple miles from the lodge and require a drive to access.


Is there a TV?

Yes, the lodge does have a satellite TV in the main floor great room.  There is also a DVD player and some DVD’s for your entertainment.


Are pets allowed?

No, they do not mix well with our livestock or wildlife.


What is the weather like?

Colorado experiences over 300 days a year of sunshine.  On the ranch, most summer days will reach a high of 80 degrees and cool off to the 40’s during the night.  Brief rainstorms, lasting only a few minutes then quickly followed by sunshine, often occur in the mountains during the summer afternoons.


What should we wear?

We are a ranch so casual wear is the norm.  Long-sleeve shirts and pants provide protection from the UV rays and mosquitoes.  Dressing in layers is the best way to adapt to changing temperatures and conditions.


Do we need to bring riding boots?

A boot with a smooth sole and heel is required to participate in horseback riding activities.  We do have some loaner boots available should you not have any of your own.  We also offer riding helmets for those choosing to wear one.


What are the closest airports?

Denver (DIA) is the closest major airport and is located about 3 to 3.5 hour drive from the ranch.

A smaller airport, Yampa Valley Regional Airport/Hayden (HDN), is located 25 miles west (1.5 hour drive) of Steamboat Springs and offers limited commercial service.  For those arriving in private aircraft, a paved runway is available in nearby Walden located just 25 minutes from the ranch.


Do we need a car?

While transportation is provided for all on-site and off-site activities, we do recommend people have a car while on the ranch.  We have found that most groups like to have a vehicle so they can run to town to get something, explore the area, or drive to one of the spots on the ranch where they can get cell service.  We can provide pickup at the airport, but a round trip to Denver requires a staff member be gone for a whole day, each way, and we must charge accordingly.  It is usually cheaper and more convenient for you to rent a car if you are flying to Colorado.


I have never fly fished before, is it hard to learn?  Can we use spinning gear?

Actually, about ¼ of our guests have never fly fished before arriving to our ranch.  Our guides are specifically trained and enthusiastic about teaching fly fishing.  Within a day, our instructors will have you adept at the basics of fly fishing.  You will learn fly casting, fly selection, presentation, fighting and landing the fish, and proper handling/release of the fish.  You will leave the ranch armed with the proper basics of the sport.  On occasion, we do allow youth the opportunity to use spin casting gear (tipped with a fly and bubble) to fish in our lake, but our goal is to introduce everyone to this exciting and rewarding sport.  The basics can be learned in a day—the intricacies will provide a lifetime of learning opportunities.


Do we need to bring our own fishing gear?

We have fly rods, reels, waders and boots available for your use.  If you have your own gear, we recommend bringing it.  Having a fishing vest or pack along with some of the fishing gadgets is helpful, but not necessary as your guide will have everything.  Our on-site fly shop has the perfect selection of area flies, terminal tackle, and ranch souvenirs for sale.


Do we need a fishing license to fish your private waters?  Can we purchase upon arrival?

Yes, Colorado does require anyone over the age of 15 possess a valid fishing license.  We are a licensed selling agent and can sell the licenses in our main fly shop in Walden, but it is not legal for us to sell them on the ranch.  They must be purchased, in person, at our shop in town.  You can easily purchase a license at any sporting goods store or license agent on your way to the ranch and save you the inconvenience of having to leave the ranch once you arrive.  We suggest you purchase a 5-day license ($21 + $10 habitat stamp) and have it begin on the day of your arrival.


Do you have ATV’s we can ride while visiting?

No, we have ATV’s but they are strictly limited to ranch employee use for work purposes.  We strive to limit our impact on resident wildlife by maintaining all our trails for horseback riding, hiking or mountain biking only.  We like to keep to the “quiet sports.”


Are there any forms we will need to fill-out to visit the Buffalo Creek Ranch?

Yes, each guest must complete and sign a guest activity form and liability waiver before arrival.  These forms will be mailed to you upon receipt of your deposit for a reservation.


How do we make reservations?

The best way is to call our office at (970) 723-4045.  This gives you the opportunity to speak with someone who can answer any questions you may have and give you an update on availability.  You can also fill out our online form on this website or contact us via email:  info@buffalocreek.com.


What is your tipping policy/guideline?

Our staff is paramount in providing memorable experiences and guests continually praise them for going the extra mile to ensure every desire is met.  As is customary in service oriented businesses, a gratuity of 10-15% of your package rate is suggested.  The actual amount of gratuities you choose to leave is strictly personal.  Tips are preferably cash/traveler checks or they can be added to your final bill upon check-out and will be distributed among the entire crew.