Where the Continental Divide Meets the Sky

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The Headwaters Ranch

The Headwaters Ranch lies in the shadow of the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness and covers roughly 3,000 acres of the most picturesque landscapes in the area.  A short, 30 minute drive from our lodge, this ranch features two different streams and a 15 acre lake.  Norris Creek cascades over spectacular waterfalls as it enters our property.

Its’ cold, gin-clear waters began as snowpack atop the Continental Divide less than a mile away.  From this beginning and for the next couple of miles anglers are treated to epic fishing on waters that received an extensive stream restoration in 2007.  As the stream flows onward through the ranch, the gradient lessons, and its character evolves from a free-stone to meadow stream, providing enticing diversity for every visitor.  The Roaring Fork River also claims its’ origins a couple short miles from the ranch on the surrounding 12,000 foot peaks.  This stream plummets through Red Canyon before entering our property.  Once entered, it begins to slow and deepen as it makes its way through several large beaver dams.  Below the dams, the stream speeds-up and flows through classic riffle and run sequences that produce prolific bug-life and, correspondingly, prolific hatches—a dry fly fishers dream.  As it reaches the bottom of the property, it again slows and deepens, providing the angler another stretch of meadow stream opportunities.  Our 15 acre lake (Lake Irvine) lies just a couple miles from the famed Delaney Butte Lakes.  Anglers can expect the same trophy sized trout and grand hatches of callibaetis, damsels, and chironimids, but not the crowds of eager fishermen, as our lake is private.  As you cast from our drift boat, you are sure you can reach the towering snowcapped peaks with a good cast.  It’s hard to have a bad day fishing when surrounded by such spectacular vistas.


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