Where the Continental Divide Meets the Sky

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The Buffalo Creek Ranch

The Buffalo Creek Ranch, our main ranch, will also serve as your home during your stay with us.  Five lakes are featured on the property and range in size from a couple acres to the 45 acre Buffalo Lake.  They lie nestled in all corners of the ranch amongst breathtaking scenery.  All are managed as trophy trout fisheries; each having a different mix of trout, but all are special in their own way.  Access to the lakes is possible via horseback, 4wd vehicles or by hiking.  Fishing is conducted either by wading the shoreline or sight-casting from our drift boats.  The on-site stream, Buffalo Creek, offers two different sections that have undergone major stream restoration projects.  Habitat improvement, angler access, and overall “fishability” were dramatically improved through these efforts.  It’s located just a double-haul from the lodge and beckons one to try our 2 or 3 weight fly rods for a delicate dry fly presentation to wild trout.


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